About Us

Our mission is to help enhance your quality of living.

We live in an unprecedented fast-paced and stimulant-fueled world, often at the cost of degrading the health of our mind and body. Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high in our daily lives and we currently face increasing rates of anxiety disorders.

Scientific research is now exploring the medicinal effects of cannabinoids in our bodies and confirming knowledge which civilizations have known for generations.  We are excited to use our state-of-the-art nebulizing technology to deliver these cannabinoids and naturally restore balance to the mind and body.

Let’s use technology to deliver quality living.

Commitment to Less E-Waste

We believe in minimizing e-waste, which is why we created a timeless design outfitted with the most advanced technology and constructed with materials to made to last. Our capsules are delivered completely new for optimal sanitation, but both the capsules and modules are completely 100% recyclable.

In today’s industry of consumer electronics, most people already own one or several micro-USB cables. In order to shrink our waste footprint, we did not automatically include a micro-USB cable. Instead we created a charging adapter that uses less raw materials, takes up less space, and is made to work with your existing stash of micro-USB cables.