How to alleviate your anxiety using CBD

If you're dealing with anxiety, you're not alone. Here's how QWIN is here to help you take control and get back to a happy level of homeostasis.
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CBD for Anxiety 

If you’ve suffered from anxiety, the word alone can trigger thoughts of panic attacks, sudden feelings of fear, shortness of breath, and a fast-beating heart. Sometimes, you know why you’re feeling anxious, and other times it’ll come like a random wave, making you feel as if you’re drowning and gasping for air. 

Those are just a few ways in which anxiety can affect our daily lives, and it manifests itself more subtly in the body from a variety of sources and stressors in our lives -- from our jobs, our health, and our relationships. However, we don’t have to feel prisoner to our anxiety and feel like we’re alone. 

With 1 in 4 Americans developing an anxiety disorder in their lifetime (source 2), it has become more common to not only to develop these stressors but luckily there have been more and more ways to cope and alleviate the pain. Therapy, regular exercise, meditation, medication, and holistic remedies like cannabis and CBD. With QWIN, we’re not only looking to let those without anxiety find their daily dose of chill but allow those with anxiety find hope in taking control rather than having anxiety take over. 

Why does anxiety manifest physically?  

Stress triggers our bodies stress response (flight or fight mode) and evolved as a natural reaction to perceived danger. It helps us in times of crisis by releasing the neurochemicals adrenaline and cortisol in our body to prepare us for action. Normally, when the stressful situation has ended, neurochemical levels will go back to normal levels. 

However, today’s stressors aren’t so obvious anymore. 

We are no longer running from lions like our ancestors, but we do encounter many micro-stresses throughout our day and spend the whole day imbalanced. Many common daily habits can also increase anxiety in some people -- the food, caffeine, and alcohol we consume, vitamin D deficiencies from working indoors, inadequate sleep, and even scrolling through social media and falling in the hole of comparison and self-doubt. 

Most of us don’t even notice our heightened stress levels, and even if we do, we never take the time to let ourselves return back to a happy level of homeostasis. When our bodies are in this perpetual state of stress, it turns into chronic anxiety and wreaks havoc on various parts of our bodies. Chronic stress can result in more serious conditions like depression, insomnia, heart disease, digestive problems, weakened immune system, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, and muscular tension, just to name a few.  (source 3)

Not only is chronic anxiety damaging to our body, it actually rewires your brain. When you are constantly on high alert, with no break, your brain will adapt and start to tune out the alert message, distancing you even further from noticing the symptoms of stress. Scientists have noticed that in response to chronic stress, certain regions of the brain become hyperactive, while others atrophy. To this day, scientists are still discovering how stress completely affects the brain’s structure and chemistry.

How does QWIN help? 

QWIN was designed as a device, first and foremost, to help us combat these micro-stresses in our lives by delivering CBD in the fastest and most effective way to bring our bodies and minds back into balance. 

Let’s get into the science of it.

As CBD (cannabidiol) gains national recognition, studies have suggested that CBD counters anxiety by stimulating neurotransmitter systems and neural regeneration. There are so many glowing testimonials from individuals who have successfully treat their anxiety with CBD, and there is also a growing body of scientific evidence that CBD works.

One study from 2011 showed how CBD helped improve the state of individuals with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). The experiment tested the effect of CBD on individuals prompted with a public speaking test. The study found that CBD reduced performance anxiety both for people with and without anxiety disorders. (source 5)

More clinical trials with humans are now underway as CBD continues to grow in popularity, but there is already good evidence of CBD’s usefulness for not only GAD, but also panic disorders, social anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and PTSD. (source 1)


There are no gimmicks here - it’s in the science of it all. Introduce the QWIN to help combat your stress and bring your body back into balance, and bring you back to your happy level of homeostasis that you deserve. It’s easy to use, fast-acting, and effective, making it something that works with you and not against you. Trust us when we say that the benefits can be life-changing.

Don’t believe us? Listen to what some of our customers have to say about how the QWIN has helped them conquer their anxiety. 

Paymon B.

“First time trying something like this and it really does work. It has helped a lot with sleep along with allergies. I would definitely recommend trying!”

Matt T.

“ have been using High Potency CBD Tinctures for almost a year. I started taking this in place of my anxiety medication. I am sober and I do not want to experience a head change from any kinds of drugs, but I am very aware of the magic properties that cad can provide without the psychoactive effects. I also want to save my internals from the damaging effects of pills. 

The combination of using full-spectrum CBD in the CBDi pods along with my daily Tincture has made an immediately noticeable change. Full Body Change!! Homeostasis Level Reached!! I have found the fountain of youth! I am #QWINNING and you can be too!!!!”

Mikala L.

“I’ve always been a smoker but since using my new qwin pen I can literally feel the healing effects of Cbd alone. I can fall asleep easily, it rids my anxiety and makes me feel at ease in the most natural way. I’m so happy I have this product I seriously recommend it to everyone!!”



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